Friday, March 26, 2010

Crop Mobs

This article from the NY Times describes "crop mobbing," an event in which the "agricurious" and urban wannabes descend on a selected farm to help out with labor. In the photo above (credit: David La Spina, NY Times) the mob helps out at Okfuskee Farm in Silk Hope, N.C.

I wonder if some of the local area farms in Knoxville, like Organicism Farms or River Ridge would be down for this? Seems like an apt activity for the Urban Land Scouts. Maybe we could crop mob the field across 4th Ave. from the Birdhouse and put in an orchard? But then we'd have to keep crop mobbing the site for years to keep it up, and it seems part of the event's success is that it is an infrequent and novel action for the urban folks who participate.

1 comment:

  1. This should totally happen. I know Organicism would be into it, and I'm sure others would be as well. We've been throwing out options for how to coordinate people who want to volunteer with the farms with the farms who want help. I would love to help organize scouts to do this. There will be more discussion....