Sunday, June 24, 2012

Small Roots

It is warming up in East Tennessee and we are moving from the lush verdant beginning of summer to plants withering and drying. My plants in containers need daily waterings, our worm bins are almost entirely full, and the garden is buzzing with all manner of flying things.

Below are some photos from our team's work at the Bonnaroo Victory Garden. We held workshops and demonstrations related to small scale gardening and land stewardship. Many thanks and a warm hello to all the people who stopped by the garden. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Please keep in touch with any gardening, vermicomposting, seedballing, or foraging you get into in the coming months.

Matt teaching about medicinal herbs on Thursday.
Beebalm in the garden.

Chatham watering while yoga goes on.
The middle plant with the hot pink blossom is a Celosia from Stanley's Greenhouse.

Sam and Katie making seed balls. 

These three men were a great help setting up and installing. 

Wall piece on perimeter.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

le Bonnaroo

For the second year I will be returning to Bonnaroo, a large music festival in Tennessee, to run gardening workshops at the Bonnaroo Victory Garden. I'll be joined by a great team of gardeners, artists, and herbalists who will all be teaching workshops at the garden throughout the festival. It is an overwhelming experience but one that I value for the contrast and introspection that a massive crush of humanity can bring. Nothing makes me appreciate potable water, privacy, and silence like Bonnaroo.

I hope the garden and our workshops will be respite and an inspiration for the people who attend. One of our team, artist Chatham Monk, sent in the zine she produced for her workshop and it got me fired up for plants, people, and teaching. Onward and upward and into the light!