Sunday, March 24, 2013


In my drawing class I tell my students, "Draw every day. Draw every day." In Graphic Design we talk about the importance of the iterative process: making thumbnails, sketches, and generating multiple versions of an idea in order to refine it. If there were a Land Scouting 101 class (and wouldn't that be nice?) I would tell my students: Get outside. Look at the sky and look at the ground. Every day.

The sky and the ground are where you can see the transition from winter to spring. In my ideal world, I get outside every day, look up, look down, walk for at least 20 minutes, and THEN draw. In lieu of that world, phones in our cameras are great for jotting down the things emerging, the lines formed, and the colors changing. In that spirit, here are just a few photos from my new location.

Not from Nashville, but very genius loci -- from TIME Magazine coverage on artist documenting cultural rituals involing animals. (?)