Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Land

A roadside gully on a hill
Last week I got to travel to a remote town in Idaho for a friend's wedding. In addition to the joy and buzz of the occasion it was a real kick to see such different land. We were in sight of the Sawtooth Mountains and surrounded by plants that thrive in high altitude and low rain. On our last day there I watched a woman emerge from her house (shown in the second photo below) carrying out containers full of small plants.  She took them indoors every night to spare them the frost. It made me glad to return to both the abundant water and recent warmth of Wisconsin.

 White blossoms, pale green stems, slightly furry, 8-10" tall clumps
Four containers with small plants. In the background, the Sawtooth Mountains
Lastly, for the newly married couple, this version of the Seven Jewish Wedding Blessings from Devon A. Lerner's book.

May you be generous and giving with each other.
May your sense of humor and playful spirit always continue to enliven your relationship.
May you always respect the diversity of humankind.
May you act with compassion to those less fortunate and with responsibility to the communities of which you are a part.
May you appreciate and complement each other's differences.
May you always share yourselves openly with your friends and family.
May your home be a haven of blessing and peace.