Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Help

One of the nice things about this project is that it puts me in touch with so many great people. I owe tremendous thanks to Michael Burke, the boss lady at Tomato Head, Zach Stanley and Kent Priestly at Stanley's Greenhouse, Todd Witcher of Parrott Farms, Kat Campbell-Bike, my darling grandmother Julie Webb, my parents Russell and Susie, and my ever patient husband, Stephen. This is not to mention the many volunteers who helped install the show, staff the gallery, schlep things, cook food for the closing, and promote the project. In no particular order they are: Stephanie Untz, Charlotte Tolley, Dale Mackey, Joy Grissom, Emily Austin, Bud Ries, Russell Ries, Pamela Bishir, Nickie Bold, Allison Roberts, Beth Meadows, Karyn Adams, Liz Albertson, Liam Hysjulien, Crista Cuccaro, Lake Allen, Robert Birkholtz, Laura Sohn, Ronda Phipps, Jenni Bates, Sara Marie Miller, Sarah Bush, Emmy Lingscheit, and Jonathan Bagby. If you helped out and are not listed here, it is because I am unorganized and not because your efforts were unappreciated.

I am grateful to everyone for their good help, but I want to single out Jonathan Bagby and recommend him to anyone in town needing photography. Bagby is talented--his website will speak to this better than I can (I especially love this one). Talent and skill are important, but the man is also patient and kind. Those things are precious and worthy of recognition. So there you are, the Urban Land Scouts salute the efforts of all our volunteers and give our enthusiastic endorsement to Mr. Bagby and his photographic excellence.

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