Tuesday, October 26, 2010

West Coast Stewards

Hot damn y'all. Welcome the Southern California chapter of the Urban Land Scouts (also known as designer Gabriel Hargrove...be sure to check out his gorgeous drawings here).

You can lust after the long growing season and keep up with our fraternal tribe here: http://ulssocal.blogspot.com/. Below are some Level One observations of the land there:
  • Traveling by bicycle along one of the greenway streets affords greater safety when pulling over and photographing or observing. Victoria street is close, only one mile from home.
  • Shopping at a nearby citrus mart along this street is an older German frau, her accent is strong, and I inquire about it. Now I can't remember where she said she was from. She owns a grove apparently close to the market, and thinking back I wonder for what she came to buy.
  • Daily I encounter mostly Mexicans, so her accent struck me at once as strange but welcoming. If I spoke Spanish, it might suit me better since I find the produce typically is better in these smaller, Spanish-speaking groceries.
  • The row of houses I live on is extremely ethnically diverse, there are a few Caucasian and Mexican families, as well as Indian, African American, Asian and mixed-race families. The smells of cooking in our crowded townhome walk is as varied as the languages overheard.

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