Monday, June 27, 2011

Grundy County

While it is not especially urban, there are a great many people on the Cumberland Plateau who are clearly jedi-like land scouts. Like this woman, Jess Wilson.

I got to go last week with my family and some friends to visit Jess and family at In Town Organics. They are cultivating 3+ acres and running the newly established Cumberland Farmers' Market. The farm is small but dense with green things growing and the family's clever sustainable designs. In addition to produce, the family has turkeys, chickens, bees, rabbits, and two goats (one of whom is too sassy and will be moving on soon).  It was a lovely farm and an inspiring set up.

If you find yourself on the Cumberland Plateau this summer, please make a point of stopping by the market and buying some salad mixes, garlic, or herbs. This market is especially web-savvy: you can sign up ahead of time, place an order online, and pick it up at the market. They've got a beautiful list of products.

The evening after I returned from the Grundy County I ran into my friend Elam Blackman. He was talking about heartache and moving to Austin, TX and I blurted out that he should instead take a trip up to the Plateau. It'll cure what ails you, I promised. There's something about it. If you do go, I recommend a visit to the Dutch Maid Bakery for weird liccorice and to the Marugg Company to heft a beautiful old fashioned scythe (both businesses are in Tracy City).

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