Monday, October 17, 2011


On November 11th some time after 8 pm, I'll be presenting about the Urban Land Scouts for PechaKucha Night at Relix Variety Theatre (on N. Central St).

PechaKucha originated in Japan "as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public" and has caught on in the US. I think of it like a speed-dating format for TED-talk-esque presentations. Each presenter may display 20 slides for 20 seconds each. That means you've got to say your piece in a little over six minutes. Great!

I don't yet know all the other presenters, but I'm looking forward to their pieces and to the event. If you live in or near Knoxville, I invite you to join us on 11-11-11 at Relix.

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