Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Plants and Energy

Knoxville Land Scout Liz sent me a link to this smart and attractive project by Jihyun Ryou: Saving Food From the Fridge. Her elegant designs address the specific needs of the plants and products we store without depending on an energy-intensive behemoth like a refrigerator. I especially like the looks of the Verticality of Root Vegetables shelf below -- although I'm imagining getting home from the co-op with a bunch of carrots and spilling sand everywhere as I try to load them into my art piece cum vegetable storage shelf. Could this work more simply (although less attractively) with a wooden planter or a stainless steel bucket? 

Ryou has invited others to share their food saving techniques on her tumblr stream: Not surprisingly, most of the submissions so far come from outside the United States. One of us in the muggy southeast could add a tip about filling your salt shaker with rice to keep the humidity down. Do you have any good analog methods for storing food? Send them in to Ryou's stream. 

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