Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blueberries and Freedom

Sadly, some of the blueberry plants we put in during last November's "Tour de Plants" did not make it through the season. Perhaps they weren't mulched well enough to stand out to the folks who mow at UT.

For those of you who have plants bearing fruit-- congratulations. Blueberries to celebrate American Independence. In the spirit of independence...and the various ways in which we interpret that idea...here is a poem by William Stafford.


by William Stafford

Freedom is not following a river. Freedom is following a river, though, if you want to.
It is deciding now by what happens now.
It is knowing that luck makes a difference.
No leader is free, no follower is free - the rest of us can often be free.

Most of the world are living by creeds too odd, chancy and habit forming to be worth arguing about by reason.

If you are oppressed, wake up about four in the morning; most places you can usually be free some of the time if you wake up before other people.


  1. Thanks Burn. I love that poem. Cheers.

  2. Speedy! So nice to hear from you.