Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planning Ahead

The Urban Land Scouts have not received much of my attention since the end of May, but they remain at the top of my thoughts. This season is the time for harvesting tomatoes, squash, eggplant, and corn (if you're lucky). It's also a good time to be planning ahead for fall crops and events.

To that end, I would like to know what you Scouts would like to do. Here are some of the events I'm thinking of: mushroom hunting walk, canning workshops, cordage making demonstrations, chicory harvesting and roasting session, how-to-build-a-simple-cold-frame workshop, beer brewing workshop, etc. etc. This list could go on for months, but now's the time to start planning and scheduling.

If you have ideas about events you'd like to see or people who could teach interesting skills, please drop me a line at passage {at} urbanlandscouts {dot} com.


  1. Sounds awesome!
    I left some glass doors in the sculpture studios, which you're welcome to take if you needed some materials for cold frame setups.

  2. Thanks Thomas. Phoebe, you are of course welcome. Maybe you could give a talk?

  3. I really love the list of potential events. Can there also be a home-canned goods swap? That would be great, and a good way for me to see what people are putting up. Thank you!

  4. Ooo...that's a good one. I'm really bad about not eating my canned goods. They seem too precious to me. We should have another canning workshop this fall, I think. Thanks Ms. Zemmely.