Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Large Worm

Yesterday I saw one of the largest worms I have ever seen in person. Brave Urban Land Scout that I am, I immediately turned to my friend and said, "You pick it up." She tried and the worm went into spectacularly muscular spasms and wriggled out of her hands. Then it slithered away into the grass. Very quickly. I snapped the photo below with my fingers for scale. It looked bigger in person. Does anyone know what variety of worm we might have seen?


  1. Maybe this:

  2. Oh wow. Thanks Ms. Zemmely. It had never occurred to me that worms would be invasive, but they are like all other organisms that way. Does that mean we should have killed it to protect our native worms? Or captured it for our Worm Circus?

  3. Let it roam free, freakishly, frightening the townsfolk on its way.