Sunday, March 20, 2011

Level 5: Cultivation

The Raeses (the Matt half of which is show here) are inspiring Urban Land Scouts and radical homemakers. You can read about their canning, cooking, and philosophical musings on their blog Food, Literature, Philosophy. Not only do the Raeses maintain one of the more healthy and engaging vegan diets I've ever witnessed, they grow and preserve a lot of their own food. Kat Raese taught a great series of canning workshops at the Birdhouse this past year. If you're in Knoxville, keep an eye on their blog for posts about future workshops and classes (hopefully one about fermenting your own hot sauce--ahem).

That hot sauce and the home-grown collards featured at left went into what looks like a beautiful dinner. Congratulations Raeses, on earning your Level 5 badge.


  1. Matt says that's a goofy picture of him... And that I should warn him before taking pictures of food, as he could have made it look better.
    *grumble grumble grumble*

  2. I think he looks sweet. And the food looks great.